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Katie Kandler


Hello!  My name is Mrs. Kandler!  I teach 3rd grade at Meadow Elementary and love it! I've been with the district for 11 years, but have been teaching for 22 years.  I started my career in San Rafael City Schools but moved to Petaluma in 2004, so I began teaching at Meadow in 2007.  I am married with two children who graduated from Meadow School.  My son is now in college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and my daughter is a sophomore at Gasa Grande High School. I love spending time with my family in nature, hiking, going to the beach, traveling as much as I can, exercising, doing yoga, and watching my children enjoy their passions!  My daughter loves to perform in musical theater through our local theater, Cinnabar.  My son loves mountain biking, working out at the gym, and enjoying life as a college student with his friends! My husband is a chiropractor and loves to help people obtain and maintain their optimal health.


I love teaching 3rd grade because the students are still so sweet and have a strong desire to learn!  We work hard in my classroom, but we also have lots of fun, hugs, and laughter. Besides teaching academics, in my classroom I strongly emphasize the practice of mindfulness, being kind to all, and persevering through challenges or mistakes with a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.  I try my best to model hard work, dedication, and postitivity with both my own children, as well as my students!