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James K



Specialist Programs


All students receive art instruction from the district art instructor on a regular basis. All lessons are in accordance with the California Learning Standards for art. 

The art program is funded by the WISE Foundation. Student art is available for sale at the Foundation's annual fund raising event, Visions and Vines. If interested in volunteering to assist with classroom art projects, check with your students' teacher for Art times. 

classroom music

Music is an important component of the fine arts and has its own standards that have been developed by the state. Music, although fun, is also a fundamental aspect of each child's development in school. Research has also consistently shown that the study of music and music making helps students perform better in other school subjects.

We have a comprehensive music education program in our two schools.  Starting off in kindergarten, students enjoy the musical talents of James K, a local musical celebrity. James works with the kindergarten and first grade students on a weekly basis in their classes playing guitar, teaching songs, and produces several shows that parents get to enjoy.

Students in 2nd through 5th grades are taught music on a semester basis. Students learn about different aspects of music theory and history, and sing songs from various periods and cultures. They learn to play instruments as well, with 2nd grade playing rhythm instruments, 3rd grade playing recorders, 4th grade playing harmonicas, 5th grade playing Appalachian dulcimers and 6th grade playing ukuleles. Both fall and spring semester instruction culminates in a concert (in January and May respectively). The concerts give the students an opportunity to share with their friends and family the songs they have learned over the course of the last several months, as well as learn proper performance etiquette.

music class