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mission, vision and values

Mission, Vision, and Values

our Mission

The Waugh School District provides a safe environment where all students are given the skills, opportunity, and encouragement to prepare for a successful future as critical and creative thinkers, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.

Our Values

The Waugh School District values:

  • A safe school environment in which all students feel a sense of community.
  • Robust learning and teaching with the belief that all children can learn and will be encouraged to reach their highest potential.
  • Respect for individual differences, oneself, and others.
  • Personal values include honesty, integrity, responsibility, ethical behavior, cooperation, a positive outlook on life, and good citizenship.
  • The ability to use common sense, think critically and creatively and use ingenuity to solve problems.
  • Meaningful real-life educational experiences that lead to lifelong success as a contributing adult in the family, workplace, and society.
  • The cooperative efforts of all school, family, and community members in their relentless pursuit of success for all students
  • Excellence in teaching and the pursuit of the “best practices” of the profession.
Our Vision
  • Our vision is of a school community in which all members contribute to individual, family, and community lifelong learning.
  • There is a focus on the whole child by all community members who work collaboratively to ensure success for each individual.
  • Honesty, ethical behavior, and integrity will be modeled throughout the school community. All members of the community will understand and appreciate diversity in society. These values will serve as a foundation for students to develop into lifelong contributing adults in the family, community, workplace, and culture.
  • The District will ensure adequate resources are provided for all services necessary to promote success for each student. Decision-making will be based on a commitment to children, who shall always remain the District’s top priority.
  • Students will master skills that meet or exceed grade-level standards. They will develop the ability to work well with others and the ingenuity to solve problems. Self-confident students will maintain a positive attitude while pursuing their goals.
  • A well-supported, well-trained group of professional educators is committed to children and their profession.