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Interdistrict Transfers

We anticipate accepting some interdistrict students.  If you live in another district but are interested in attending school in the Waugh School District, please call the office immediately at (707) 765-3331.   Interdistrict transfers require a release from the district of residence. For additional information regarding this process and Board Policy, please see below documents.

Interdistrict Enrollment Letter (PDF)

Interdistrict Attendance Contract (PDF)

Request for Interdistrict Attendance Permit.pdf (PDF)

Board Policy Interdistrict Attendance (PDF)

Administrative Regulation Interdistrict Attendance (PDF)

How do I register?

Enrollment for the 2022-23 school year begins Jan. 3, 2022. Please call the school office to get on our list as soon as possible. It is critically important that we learn as soon as possible how many incoming kindergarten students we will have next year. Kindergarten registration informs how many classes and teachers we will have each year. Later registration could result in placement at another school.

Kindergarten Enrollment Information

Enrollment Informaton
school tours 


Now registering students for the 2020-2021 school year! New students are encouraged to register immediately upon moving into the district. For more information, please call the District Office at 707-765-3331.

For more information and links to sign up for a tour go here.


Counting down to kindergarten

Get ready for an exciting Kindergarten year. Print this calendar of readiness activities you can do as a family.


Who is eligible?

Students who will be five years old on or before  September 1, 2022 should enroll for the 2023-24 school year.

What information is required for registration?

The following information is required to register:

  • Original Birth Certificate, Passport or Baptism Certificate
  • Two Original Proofs of Address/Residency
  • Parent/Guardian Photo ID
  • Immunization Records

What elementary school will my child attend?

Every effort is made to place students in their neighborhood school. To find your neighborhood school please call (707) 765-3331

When is the deadline?

Registration packets are due on Kindergarten Screening Day. Date for screening will be in April. Once date is determined it will be posted here.